Cold Sore Laser

Cold Sore Laser

As soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold sore, give Dr. Susie Shin a call to be treated with our advanced laser therapy process to stop the progression of cold sores. Cold sores, if treated early can effectively speed up your healing time.

What are cold sores?

Better known as fever blisters, here’s what we have to say about them. Cold Sores are defined as painful lesions or blisters which form on the lips, chin, cheeks or less commonly nostrils.

This 2-3 week period can be very painful and quite embarrassing since most cold sores are very noticeable.

Okay. I have a cold sore. Now what?

Laser Therapy – Cold sores are best treated and kept under control in their early stages.

Laser therapy can keep an outbreak from occurring if caught in time. Often they will come back in the same spots over time if not treated with laser therapy. If you are unable to come in before a blister appears, laser therapy can take away the discomfort and help your cold sore heal faster. There is no known cure for cold sores, they will occur over and over once you have caught the virus.

Biostimulation provided by laser therapy increases collagen production aiding in healing. After laser treatment, the nerve cells around the area are deadened which provides instant pain relief.​​