Periolase / LANAP

Periolase / LANAP

LANAP, is a breakthrough periodontal disease treatment. There is no cutting or sewing of tissues. Traditional gum surgery involves cutting away some of the gum tissue and reshaping the bone underneath, but with LANAP this is no longer necessary.

LANAP is a progressive technique using a specialized laser to destroy the bacteria which cause disease, and alters the tissue so that it has the opportunity to heal with it’s own cells. The use of laser is less invasive than traditional scalpel surgery, and results in a much faster and less painful recovery. Diseased areas treated with the LANAP method can regrow destroyed bone and supportive tissues around the teeth with little discomfort to patients.

What Will LANAP Not Do?

  • It will not grow receding gums back (you may need tissue grafts).

  • It will not allow you to avoid daily home care.

  • It will not allow you to avoid cleanings every 3 months.

  • It is NOT magical.

  • It does not cure everyone on the first treatment (severe cases may need multiple
    treatments over time).

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